People Portrait Prices


Pet Portrait Prices



When you commission me to create a portrait, you are assured that what you will get is as unique as the person or pet that is portrayed. Everything about your portrait is custom-made — including the moulding for the frame, if you wish. The variables that factor into the price of a portrait include:

  • Actual size

  • Number of subjects

  • Subject and background complexity and detail

  • Framing can be provided, but is not included in the price of the artwork

  • I can work from photos that you provide and/or visit you and your pet to take my own reference photos

For your edification, I have outlined below the process to commission a portrait. I make it easy for you. I will talk with you about the Person or pet and guide you through the process, with as little effort as possible on your part. Because everything about your portrait is custom-made, the only way to determine the cost is with a private consultation. I look forward to discussing your portrait with you!

Things we will discuss:

  • Is it for you, or a gift for someone else?

  • What is the space in which the portrait will hang? This helps to determine the size of the piece.

  • Do you have a notion about whether they want the whole pet portrayed, or just the head? This also plays a role in the size of the piece.

  • Do you have a preference of media — pencil, pastel or oil? They all beautiful make for a beautiful picture, but have different characteristics. I discuss this with you to determine what best suits your tastes.

  • Can you describe the personality, mannerisms and any other particular characteristics of the person or pet, that makes them what they are to you?


I will need photos and/or videos of your pet:

  • High resolution

  • Head shots and full body

  • Various angles and poses

  • More is better. Many photos give me more choice, and help me to understand characteristic expressions

Additional Notes:

  • A 50% deposit of the total portrait fee is required to start the portrait procedure.

  • The balance, including all additional expenses (framing, travel, crating, shipping and handling, applicable sales tax, etc.) is due COD — upon delivery of the portrait. Invoice provided.

  • Travel, reasonable lodging, and meal expenses are additional when it is necessary to leave Philadelphia

  • Sizes are shown in USA inches. For centimeters, multiply each dimension by 2.54.

  • When the painting is finished, I will deliver it personally or by insured carrier, crated for safe transport and delivery.

  • The commissioner is responsible for delivery costs